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Bath Christmas Market ... Another tick off my Bucket List!

I always wanted to wrap things in tissue... in fact ... one of my old managers reminds me of when we would sit in an office many years ago to 'discuss my 5 year plan' and how I saw my career developing...' I would say my plan was to 'wrap things in tissue'... so having my own business where I sell things that I love and make them look pretty so that my customers can experience the thrill of the rustle of tissue paper as they unwrap their 'finds' was at the top of my bucket list! The thrill never goes away... one of the things I always wanted to do was to have a Chalet at a Christmas Market where the lights twinkle and you get caught up in the thrill of Christmas... the smell of mulled wine, Carol Singers on the Corner... people filled with Christmas cheer and the excitement of finding just the right gift for that (perhaps) difficult person.

So I decided in June last year that if I was going to do it ...I would go large (or go home!!)... I would go for the best... imagine how excited I was when I found out that I had a Chalet at perhaps the best Christmas Market in the Country... Bath... the most beautiful of Cities. It was fantastic.... So excited (and a bit nervous) my Bestie came and helped me (she was amazing) and my partner ... who isn't know for his love of retail... stepped up and we had a ball. Thank you to all of those at the Bath Christmas Market Team and my friends, family and the gang in the shop who kept things going when I wasn't around... you all know who you are... you are amazing and make it possible for me to do the things I love! xx

Issey's Chalet at Bath Christmas Market!
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