Snake Ear Cuff in Sterling Silver

Snake Ear Cuff in Sterling Silver


Coiling around your upper ear, this small snake ear cuff features dazzling green eyes that catch the light as you move for a subtle hit of green. Sitting perfectly on the upper ear this serpent ear cuff  gives edge to any look and has been crafted from sterling silver by the super cool Scream Pretty Team.


Ideal for stacking this 9mm ear cuff is smaller in size than our standard 11mm ear cuffs to allow it to sit higher up on the ear – why not layer large with small for the perfect curated ear!  Slide on the larger standard sized cuffs first, then on the upper ear add this gorgeous snake cuff! Curated Ear – sorted!


Fitting Your Ear Cuff

Find the narrowest part of your ear. In most people this is the curled over part of the ear where upper cartilage piercings are - or just above the lobe. Without flexing or trying to widen, slide the ear cuff into position - rotating the ear cuff slightly as you do this can help. NB. Be especially careful not to try and widen the opening of cuffs with inset stones, as this can damage your jewellery. As with all jewellery we recommend removing for bathing and sleeping.

made from:

Sterling silver and set with green cubic zirconia stones.

Dimensions:  external diameter 12mm, internal diameter 9mm, width 11mm, opening 4mm